Mitá & Mitá I

Conservatorio Superior de Danza 
"María de Ávila", Madrid, Spain.

June 2010

Staged for a small audience and performed live at Conservatorio Superior de Danza (CSD) in Madrid, Spain, Bea Ortiz collaborated with the dancer/choreographer Eva Simón, on this 25-minute performance as a way of bringing additional movement and dimension to her studies of points and lines. During the performance, Ortiz painted the body of the dancer, whose movement morphed into and animated the point-and-line constellation painted on the backdrop and on her body. Live original music by Jesús Prieto "Pitti" added an additional layer to the performance. Moving from paper to corporeal form, the act of painting became three-dimensional and animated, allowing the artists to engage with the energy of a live audience through improvisation.

Art direction: Bea Ortiz & Eva Simón

Painting: Bea Ortiz

Dance & Choreography: Eva Simón

Music: Jesús Prieto “Pitti”

Light design: Iván Martín