the Artist

Throughout her career, Bea Ortiz has explored the fertile intersection of place and connection in personal expressions, as well as large instal­lations and multidisciplinary collaborations. After studying fine art at the University of Salamanca in her home country of Spain, Bea Ortiz permanently relocated to New York City in 1998. Currently she resides in the Catskills.

Incorporating painting, installation, performance, dance, music and video, Ortiz’ work is an immersive field upon which both artist and viewer become co-creators in the search for underlying order and stillness among the chaos of gesture and movement. The intimacy created by both the scale of her work and the interpersonal engagement of her process brings the viewer into the consciousness of the artist, even if momentarily. She gives her audience a glimpse into the myriad possibilities within patterns and shape, and reveals entire universes hidden within macro- and micro-cosmic systems. Sometimes she adds sound or movement to sculpt spaces, creating multi-dimensional experiences.