Patterns of Change

2010 - Present

9”x12” drawings (sold individually)

Ink or acrylic on paper, mounted with Plexiglas

Begun in 2010, “Patterns of Change” is Ortiz’ ongoing meditation on time, the dual energies of yin and yang, black and white, macro- and microcosms, expansion and contraction, and the mutations and manifestations of these concepts as realized through the improvisational drawing of points and lines. 


This is the first time this evolving series is on display in its full 128-piece iteration: 64 white with black ink drawings and 64 black with white acrylic drawings, installed on panels painted half white and half black.


Like fractals, the patterns repeated in the drawings at once appear to represent both macro- and microcosms—the universe, black holes, weather patterns, cells, fluids—and a simultaneous collapse and opening of space. The negative space between the installed drawings invites the viewer to become a co-creator in the piece when a new set of points and lines is created by the eye. The viewer’s proximity to the works shifts how they are seen.


To further elucidate the concepts at play, and to connect the artist, audience, and collectors, the series will never be displayed in a fixed position; rather it exists in a state of flux. Each time it’s displayed it will be in a new configuration as it contracts when individual drawings are sold and expands when new drawings are created to fill their place. This fragmented structure allows for recombination, the overall appearance of the piece transforming with each modification as the network of collected drawings out in the world widens.


IN PROCESS: The artist is currently collaborating with a dancer and a musician. Experimenting with reflective surfaces and other media to transform and distort the two-dimensional drawing plane and continue exploring the concept of change.  

The Drawings