Patterns of Change

2010 - Present

9”x12” drawings (sold individually)

Ink or acrylic on paper, mounted with Plexiglas

Begun in 2010, Patterns of Change is Bea Ortiz’ ongoing meditation on time and the dual energies of yin and yang—darkness and light, expansion and contraction, negative and positive space—producing variations that reside in perfect balance as if acknowledging a natural order. The resulting broad visual language flows through an elemental mark-making vocabulary of points and lines in black and white.


These fractal-like drawings, at once, appear to represent microcosms—celestial events, black holes, weather systems, cellular division, fluid dynamics—and the macrocosm they inhabit. Each individual abstraction suggests unrelated events or isolated elements, but taken in conjunction with the overall grid structure, the illusion of individuality gives way to an experience of universal interconnectedness.


Patterns of Change is displayed in a new configuration each time it is shown. As individual drawings are sold and new drawings take their places, the piece transforms as the network of collected drawings out in the world widens.

This evolving series is available for display in its full 128-piece iteration as seen here: 64 drawings (black ink on white paper) and 64 drawings (white acrylic on black paper), installed in a grid.


IN PROCESS: The artist is currently collaborating with a dancer and a musician. Experimenting with reflective surfaces and other media to transform and distort the two-dimensional drawing plane and continue exploring the concept of change.  

The Drawings