Mitá y Mitá III

XII Festival Internacional de Teatro y Artes
Laboratorio de las Artes, Valladolid, Spain.
May 26-28, 2011

<span class="p-large">Mitá & Mitá was selected to participate on the XII Festival of Theater and Arts, hosted in Valladolid, Spain. Leading up to the three-day live event, Bea Ortiz spent two weeks preparing the space—painting the walls, installing art, and working with reflective surfaces—upon which it was layered live painting, dance and music during the festival.</span>

Throughout the festival, Ortiz continued painting her points and lines and encouraged visitors to add their own point-and-line interpretations, until the empty spaces became filled and connected by paint. The painting was met with Spanish guitar, which became a vibratory means for expression in tune with the visual work. In this collaborative way, the piece continued to expand, marking time in its progress. Built up during the three-day festival, the composition eventually connected physically, metaphorically and conceptually.

The installation culminated in a half-hour performance during which Ortiz painted the body of the dancer/choreographer Eva Simón, who put the piece in motion with a mixture of contemporary and flamenco dance. Live original music by Jesús Prieto "Pitti" added an additional layer to the performance. Moving from paper to corporeal form, the act of painting became three-dimensional and animated, allowing the artists to engage with the energy of a live audience through improvisation. The installation remained on display for one month after the festival was over.


Bea Ortiz

Dance & Choreography

Eva Simón


Jesús Prieto “Pitti”

Light design

Iván Martín