Constellations at MEx

Metropolitan Exchange Building. Brooklyn, NY
October 2009

<span class="p-large">In her Brooklyn studio, Bea Ortiz began approaching painting as a form of meditation. Working quietly, without an audience, and with a variety of surfaces—including paper and mirrors to explore an added layer of connectivity—she created a large-scale black-and-white painting finished with a spark of gold. She invited a filmmaker to document her process, allowing for an introspective and intimate look at the creation and installation of her “Constellations” drawing in points and lines.</span>

Bea paints constellations and sometimes it seems that she dropped down from one, her constellations are systems, they start as points that meet through lines, fractals, mirrors, glass, thoughts, reflections, mantras, nets. There is something ritual-like in the way she paints and something hypnotic in seeing her painting.

<span class="collab-text-style">—Cecilia Molano, artist</span>


Bea Ortiz

Video and Editing

Cecilia Molano